Faber-Castell Kindergarten Ball Crayons – Pack of 3 (Assorted)


  • Tune into your children’s creativity with art materials at an early age to help them become thoughtful and confident individuals later in life
  • Development to adulthood is a step by step process hence age appropriate tools ensure better development of muscle strength, motor coordination and creative thinking making the children high achievers
  • When training is rushed we risk making the child overwhelmed and exhausted
  • The early age crayon range is a scientific and age appropriate tool which helps develop the child’s core skills gradually but significantly while also making them have fun! Made to fit the large unformed grasp of a toddler’s palm
  • Scribbles are a result of large movements from the shoulder
  • Less tiring on the hand

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  • Tune into your kids‘s creativity with art materials at an early age to help them grow to be considerate & assured people later in life
  • Growth to maturity is a step-by-step course of therefore age acceptable instruments guarantee higher improvement of muscle power, motor coordination & inventive considering making the kids excessive achievers
  • When coaching is rushed we danger making the kid overwhelmed & exhausted
  • The early age crayon vary is a scientific and age acceptable device which helps develop the kid‘s core abilities steadily however considerably whereas additionally making them have enjoyable! Made to suit the massive unformed grasp of a toddler’s palm
  • Scribbles are a results of giant actions from the shoulder
  • Much less tiring on the hand
  • Vibrant colors & playful look
  • Youngsters are excited to attract with it
  • Dotted texture offers it a non slip floor
  • Lasts longer, non flaky & has a easy circulate
  • Handy to color huge areas
Weight 161 kg
Dimensions 124 × 1 × 76 cm


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